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Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Me!
Email: It is a mystery...
AIM (if you have one): Better than lousy. Definitely hit the target better than a girl.

Character Name: Peter "Pete" Eastman (D'Artagnan, Aramis, Porthos, or Athos)
Character LJ (if applicable): fourshelled (When isn't this applicable?)
Physical description (face, build, weight): redhaired, green eyes, 5'8", 135 lbs. Slightly gangly. Sometimes nervously sweaty. When transformed, he turns into a 6' tall, 200 lb. turtle.
Age: 16
PB: Joseph Mazzello & artwork of bipedal, human-sized turtles

Abilities: Peter is a metamorph with four turtle shapes he can take. He cannot change into any other forms. Four is his limit. Each of his shapes has a distinct personality, skill set, and set of powers. Those powers and skills are not accessible in any of his other forms. When he is his baseline human form, Peter has no powers and is pretty much a regular 16 year old kid. Also, whatever Peter is wearing or carrying with him is transformed into the turtle. It will revert back to normal once Peter is out of turtle form. He cannot take any living thing or anything bigger than himself with him when he transforms. However, if someone handed him something like a key and he transformed, the key would be a part of his person until he transformed back into normal.

The weapons and clothing distinctive to each form always show up on transformation. He has not ever been without them. He has never shifted forms without everything in his possession. It could be stipulated he can't if something is missing.

All four turtle forms have hardened defenses on their torsos where their shells lay. They can retract their heads and arms to inside the shell. Though the shells can be pierced by adamantium and Colossus deciding he wanted a turtle walnut. It is bulletproof but not much more than that. Armor piercing rounds would get through. A rocket would make turtle kibble.

His first form is that of D'Artagnan the samurai.

*Form: D'Artagnan always appears like pictured on the right:
* Powers:
- Heightened Sense: Scent. He has a very keen sense of smell and can differentiate people by sense of smell alone. However, he cannot track with it like Wolverine or use it as a targetting sense.
- Personal Electric Field: Similar to Iceman using moisture in the environment, D'Artagnan can absorb some of the electricity in his surroundings to infuse his body with a potent field of electrical energy that injures any enemy who touches him or whom he grabs. He has to will the electricity to discharge. It does not go off while he's unconscious. Thus, someone who hits him will get a potent zap while a known ally could touch him completely unharmed. There has to be electricty in his surroundings for him to generate this. If he were dropped into the middle of a soybean field in Nebraska, he would not get enough energy to zap a mosquito. The shocks he delivers last no more than 1 second. The most powerful shock he can produce is 6 Amperes of current, which causes sustained ventricular contraction followed by normal heart rythmn (defibrillation) or temporary respiratory paralysis and possibly burns. Though once he has discharged that much, it takes him five minutes to recharge his powers from the surroundings (unless he's standing in a lightning storm).
- Density Enhancement: D'Artagnan can augment his natural density, becoming as much as 64 times as heavy as a normal adult human. As he becomes denser, he becomes stronger, tougher, and harder to knock back... but also more likely to crash through floors and cause other problems because of his weight. At the top of the density increase range, he weighs 14,200 lbs and can lift 7.5 tons. However, being that dense is a strain and he cannot hold it for very long.
- Augmented Defenses: More than the other three forms, D'Artagnan's shell is harder and can resist armor-piercing bullets. This increases as he gets more dense. However, the increase lasts only as long as he maintains his density enhancement.
- Master of Nito Style Kenjutsu: two sword style. He's trained to deal with multiple attackers. He can use his sword in either hand or can fight with a sword in each hand.
- Fast draw with his swords (Iaijutsu)
- Some barehanded fighting skills, but those focused on binding, blocking, disarming, evading, and takeaway manuevers instead of striking.
- Body Language: He can "read" subtle motions and stance shifts in the person across from him. He can usually predict an incoming attack as long as he can see the subject. It also works in non-combat situations by letting D'Artagnan interpret body posture and nuances.
- Parry Missile Weapons: This skill allows D'Artagnan to use his swords to parry thrown or missile weapons. He cannot parry bullets or missiles that travel at the speed of a bullet.
- Mental Strength: D'Artagnan has learned to focus his "chi" to resist mental attacks. This just makes it a bit harder to drop him or invade his mind when he does not want it. It is not a total immunity. A powerful telepath can get through this with a bit of effort.
His second form is Aramis the Taoist priest

* Form: Aramis always appears like pictured on the left:
* Powers:
- Heightened Sense: Hearing. He has a very keen sense of hearing and can use it as a targeting sense if he is blinded. However, he does take more damage from sonic attacks due to this.
- Current Manipulation: Aramis can control currents and water flow to either push someone through the water more quickly or inhibit that person's ability to swim. He can do the same with boats and other small watercraft.
- Extinguish Fire: Aramis can draw water vapor from the surrounding area to put out fires. This can also be used against fire-based powers to dampen them. However, he is not powerful enough to stop pyrogenesis. He can only try to put out the fires set. Extinguishing a fire does not get rid of the smoke it generated or reverse any effects it may already have caused (like heating an area or weakening a structure of a building). His powers are geared only toward extinguishing fires and not expansive hydrokinesis.
- Super-Swimming: Aramis can swim through water faster than a normal human and the other three turtle forms. He can top out at a speed of 30 mph.
- Winter's Touch: Aramis can, by touch, temporarily leech away the power of heat and flame. It only works one power at a time for a half hour. Sometimes he gets a punched chin after the first time, so he doesn't know about subsequent touches.
* Skills:
- Black belt in Hapkido: He does not quite have the high-level "mind like the moon" technique, which is a form a spatial awareness. He relies too much on his hearing to have mastered it.
- Acrobatics: He can perform flips, jumps, and rolls like a circus acrobat. This skill lets Aramis jump from one moving vehicle to another safely, swing from flagpoles, bounce off awnings, and execute other tricky moves. He could jump and flip over an obstacle, then land on his feet ready to fight. Aramis also has an easier time retaining his balance when walking on narrow or difficult surfaces, such as tiny mountain ledges, the edges of buildings, or tightropes. He can perform easy feats of balance (like walking on a balance beam) with no chance of falling.
- Pressure Points: This is an application of acupuncture techniques into combat. Aramis seeks to strike pressure points on the human body that allow him to paralyze an opponent. He can and prefers to attack individual body parts to make them useless for five minutes.
His third form is Porthos the Buddhist monk

*Form: Porthos always appears like pictured on the right:
* Powers:
- Heightened Sense: Sight. Porthos can perceive ultraviolet (UV) light. He perceives as well at night as he can during the day, provided there’s a source of UV light such as the moon or stars (this occurs even if the night is overcast). In the absence of UV light (such as inside a cave), Ultraviolet Perception provides no benefit.
- Sticky Sap: Porthos can shoot a glob of sticky sap from his palms that coats a target and prevents him from moving. Anyone who touches the victim gets stuck, too. Though those that are stuck can possibly be soothed by the pleasant scent of pine that comes with the sap. (No actual guarantee of soothing, but plenty of smelling green.)
- Strength of the Trees: When necessary, Porthos can call upon the strength of the mightiest oaks to fight his foes, tear down buildings, and defend himself. However, using this extra strength tires him out quickly. He can lift up to 7.5 tons with this ability.
- Wood Warping: Porthos can cause wood to warp, bend, and twist, rendering wooden objects useless (or at least very different in shape). For example, he could change the shape of a bow or axe handle to make the weapon useless, warp a door so that it springs open and cannot shut, or contort a wooden statue into a bizare new form.
- Thicketmaster: Porthos can move through, and fight in, all but the thickest underbrush without hindrance.
* Skills:
- Choy Li Fut Kung Fu: Porthos has attained mastery of this form, but is still below the level of the practicing grandmasters throughout the world.
- Acrobatics: Same as above.
- Climbing: This skill allows a character to climb unusually difficult walls, trees, and buildings, as long as handholds exist.
- Light Walk: This skill allows Porthos to walk without leaving visible traces. He cannot, however, walk over thin paper without breaking it. Also, if he were being tracked by sense of smell, he can still be tracked.
His fourth form is Athos the ninja

*Form: Athos always appears like pictured on the left:
- Heightened Sense: Taste. He has an unusually keen sense of taste. Which he admits is kind of lame, but he can pick out individual ingrediants in most things he puts his tongue to.
- Cold Resistance: Athos' powers over fire and heat allow him to more easily resist damage from ice and cold.
- Fiery Warmth: Athos' fire powers keep him warm in the coldest environments and comfortably cool in the hottest ones.
- Fire Immunity: Athos' fire powers make it difficult (at best) for anyone to hurt him with fire.
- Flame Inner Aura: Athos can summon a mantle of flames beneath his skin, which does make him glow slightly. Anyone who touches him after her's called the flame aura into being or he grabs gets burned.
* Skills:
- Kukushinden Ryu Ninjitsu: Athos has attained mastery of this style of martial arts and is most proficient in the techniques using sai.
- Acrobatics: Same as above.
- Light Walk: Same as above.
- Blind Fighting: Athos has learned to fight blindfolded or in absolute darkness. As a result, he can "sense" his targets without having to see them. He uses his normal hearing, smell, and touch senses to pinpoint exactly where his attackers are.
- Invisibility Art: Athos can stand in plain sight without being noticed. To use this skill he must spend a minute concentrating. If he is standing perfectly still and controlling his breath to be shallow and unnoticeable, he is not easily noticed by the eyes and ears. He can be noticed by scent still unless he is downwind. He must remain still for this skill to work as he has not mastered using it while mobile.

Weaknesses and flaws:
Peter has absolutely no control over his four turtle forms. He can observe from the background, but the turtles have their own personalities and thought processes. He also has very little control on when he transforms. It feels, to him, like it happens when one of his personalities thinks it needs to be there. Though all of them do not seem to like school very much and leave Peter to get through his classes.

Three of the turtle forms have reptilian reaction to sustained cold. For example, dropped on the Russian tundra in the middle of winter. If exposed to prolonged cold, the turtles fall into a torpor. Warmth revives them in one to two hours. More than a day in the cold causes death.

Also, all four turtle forms are distinctive and hard to hide. There's only so far a borrowed trench coat will get you.

Character location/Home: Xavier's / Kansas City, Kansas
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Student of the goodly arts
Relatives (living/dead?): parents (living), younger sister (living)

Peter Eastman was born into middle class normality in Kansas City, MO. At the age of three, his family had moved to Kansas City, KS. His abilities started to nascently become active around the age of thirteen, the various turtle personalities peeked out and imprinted off of the movies he was watching. Their skills are more reflective of the cinematic skills. By the time his powers fully kicked on at sixteen, they had three years of brewing those skills in his head.

His life was quiet and normal until he hit the age of sixteen. Then he started having vivid dreams about reptiles with shells fighting crimes. It took awhile for it to sink in that the four distinct heroes he kept dreaming about were actually him. Which finally cleared up the odd scrapes and bruises he would find on his arms and legs after more vigorous nights of turtle dreams.

He has been trying to hide this transformation, but the turtles seem to be getting more restless and appearing more often the more he tries to stifle them.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?:
I plan to have him start school at Xavier's. Unless someone wants a mission to go find this weird turtle creature that seems to be terrorizing parts of Kansas City.

What are you planning to do with this character? What do you want to see happen with this character?:
I see me bringing him to Xavier's so they can work on getting him to work on unifying the personalities and getting him more control of his powers to shift into forms. Which will take a long time and careful work unless it's rushed and he goes schizophrenic. Also, there can be unraveling of what makes his powers go if someone so desires to work on that.

Sample post:
It was dark out, but that didn't particularly matter to him. There were enough dimly lit street lamps in this neighborhood to give him what he needed. His wooden sandals made slight clopping sounds as he walked down the sidewalk. His sheathed swords poked out from his sash as he approached the group gathered around someone and beating whoever it was viciously. They were too busy shouting invectives at whomever was at their feet and cheering each other to notice the man-sized turtle strolling toward them. One finally noticed him when he was within an arms length of the clump of arrogant youths. Whatever he shouted didn't draw the attention to the turtle in time.

D'Artagnan crouched down and drew his sword in one arcing, quick motion. His sword slashed across the back of legs, severing hamstrings in one quick swipe before there was the schick-clank of the sword sliding back into its sheath. There were pained cries and bodies falling forward, but the lone samurai on the street ignored that. The wounded would cover and protect the victim beneath for now. He ignored the astonishment on some faces. Some started fleeing, others stood in confusion as to what was happening. One drew his gun and aimed it at him.

"I wouldn't do that," D'Artagnan warned simply. The thug didn't take him seriously. A shot smacked into his hard front shell. The turtle only barely felt the shock rumble through his shell before he put the weight of the world behind a simple punch. He sent the young tough down a half a block to the corner. Those that weren't groaning and screaming in a pile quickly fled. Things felt lighter after he removed the hamstrung gang members from on top their victim. D'Artagnan picked the teenaged girl up in his arms. He started his methodical walk to the clinic that was five blocks away.


"Are you for re-al?" asked the tiny voice behind the monk-like turtle. Porthos turned around and looked down at the little boy clenching an action figure in his hand.

"Duuuude, I'm as real as you are," Porthos said laconically as he crouched down to be more on the squirt's level. The turtle's eyes were half-closed in a laid back manner. He gave the kid a mellow grin as sneakered feet shuffled a couple inches closer.

"Where'd you come from?"

Porthos cocked his head for a moment. "Probably... a beach. After Mama Turtle laid some eggs. It was warm and like whoa. Until I hatched, then it was like WHOA. And then I looked at the big world around me and went whooooooooa."

The boy scooted even closer and tentatively reached out with a finger to touch Porthos' chest. There was a quick press of tiny fingertip to hard carapace.and then the little boy was back a few feet.

Porthos looked down to where a little fingerprint was disappearing from his shell. He chuckled softly with a small shake of his shoulders. "Toldja, dude. Now, where's home? It's way past little squirts' bedtimes."


Pete was screaming. No one could hear him in the silent place he was trapped in, but he was screaming all the same. Mostly from fear as the body he was trapped in jumped from rooftop to rooftop. The one called Athos was tracking someone street-level. The turtle moved with an uncanny quietness. Which would be another good reason why Pete's mental screams could not be heard. Athos might be singularly pissed, since he was the crankiest of the four personalities that shared space in Pete's head. The teen would not put it past the turtle to find someway to get back at him if the barrier between them broke, making the snapping turtle a screeching one instead.

Instead, the masked turtle leapt from rooftop to rooftop. Only the faint sound of gravel crunching marking their passing. Such a faint sound did not make it down to where the target was. So, the turtle was hardly even noticed. Until he dropped onto the drug dealer like a ton of bricks. Pete swore he heard the sound of bones crunching under Athos' weight. There was screams from beneath turtle knees and the sound of heavy footfalls scrambling around the corner.

Pete was hyperventilating. If he had lungs to hyperventilate with. The lungs currently in use belonged to Athos. Outside of a small hitch in his breathing, it went in and out rather smoothly. Pete tried to close his eyes as the turtle scrambled up a rusty fire escape. The teen could just see it tearing away from the wall and crashing into the alley in a pile of metal and broken turtle shell. However, Athos got to the roof easily and was back to jumping across the skyline.


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